Talk Notes

A Raspberry PI, because people like those

Notes on talks from James Porter

Algorithmic Art for 3D Printing, a Workshop

18 July, 2018

Workshop Workshop happened at Skills Matter on 18th July 2018 Main Talk: Intro + OpenJSCAD essentials talk Slides OpenJSCAD cheat sheet My…

Code Sculpture - create complex 3D shapes from simple rules

23 November, 2017

Code Sculpture allows you to create 3D art from simple rules. You start with a cube or tetrahedron. Then using rules add things to faces…

Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL, Netlify for quick and easy deploys

25 October, 2017

A quick tutorial on creating interactive static sites and deploying easily with Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL, Netlify and GitHub. With video…

Elm Data Visualisation

04 October, 2017

This little talk was about creating Data Visualisations using Elm and fairly low-level-yet-still-pleasant-in-Elm SVG primatives. Shows how…

Minecraft in 30 lines of code (or Web VR with React)

22 March, 2017

Learn how to create your own little Minecraft VR game in just 30 lines of React-y Javascript. Just as you create web front ends with React…

Swift (Kotlin) for Android

13 December, 2016

A festive tale of discounted Kindle Fires and an introduction to Kotlin on Android for Swift/iOS developers. Slides The slides Video Watch…